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Amazon is an American company headquarterd in Seattle Washington and is one of the worlds largest online retailers even bigger than ebay. Founded on July 5 1995, Amazon sells everything you could imagine from DIY & Tools, Pet Supplies, Health & Personal Care products and even groceries depending on your location.

Other amazon products include the amazon kindle. Kindle ebooks are usually much cheaper than physical paper and hardback books. The amazon Kindles battery can last for weeks due to its e-ink screen technology. There are also thousands of free ebooks on amazon.

Amazon Warehouse

With Amazon warehouse you can find refurbished products for almost half the cost if you were bought it new. All amazon warehouse products come with warrenty and amazons money back guarentee.


Amazon also offers free international shipping to Ireland if you spend over 25 euro. Unfortunately some Amazon sellers do not ship to Ireland. If you find an Amazon seller that won’t ship to Ireland you can use a service like address pal or parcel motel to receive your item. Parcel motel charges €3.95 and address pal €3.50. Its worth the cost if you order multiple items in one go.

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